Sunday, 10 April 2016

Rhyme (homework)

This is the rhyme our fifth graders have to learn by heart, sometimes it's easier to remember a short nuersery  rhyme or song if you can listen to it, not just reading. "Baa, baa,black sheep" is one of the most popular nusery rhymes, here you have a video to help you to memorize it.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Our magic beans!

Do you remember Jack and the Beanstalk? our 1st graders planted some "magic" beans, here you have the result! A week later, they were very tall! We enjoyed a lot watering them and observing how do they grow up! You can do it at home and enjoy the experience with your kids.

Put on your shoes, let's go outside, hurry up!

Learning about the clothes.....I found this song, our students love singing and acting, they love moving around and having fun.

Letters from Ulverley School

We've just received some letters from Ulverley School. We were very happy to read them, Each student received a letter and now they are starting to write short compositions that are going to be sent to Ulverley School. This can be the start of a nice friendship....In a few days, you will see the letters in this blog, and the letters we are going to send back. If you want to know more about Ulverley School, click on the link: Ulverley School

A quiet song, just to relax....

Our students are learning the future tense, so there are some songs we are working on. One of them is "Endlessly", by Muse, a quiet song...Here you have the video, relax.....

Rain, rain, go away

Spring is here, and so is the rain.... Go away rain!!, we want the sun back, so we can go outside and play.